It Is Our Pleasure
to engage in the construction of harps, using the finest materials we can find, applying a lifetime of skills to produce heirloom quality instruments that sound and look beautiful.

We create custom harps, repair, restore, or recreate harps, and we clean, regulate, and tune harps. Located in Upstate South Carolina, we can ship anywhere.  

If you are looking for a custom harp, go to the CONTACT page and let me know what you want. I'll get back to you promptly so we can give you an estimate and timeline for delivery.

If you are looking for a ready to go harp, go to the HARPS  page.

Either way, we hope you will enjoy perusing our GALLERY of works.  The harps and other wonderful creations there may help you conceive an idea of 'just that perfect thing' you have been searching for but have been unable to find.  We will create it for you.

You can enjoy your creation, customized for you, as it communicates your feelings and ideas that can only come from such a personal possession.  Express yourself !

We have found that crafting a harp requires the precise melding of calculation, skill, 
and experience.  The overall 'voice' of the instrument results from the consideration of wood, strings, finish, and decoration.

WOOD - We use American hardwoods and imported exotic woods to create 
wonderful, exquisite, and fascinating pieces that are of heirloom quality.   

STRINGS - We can fit your harp with concert-spaced metal, nylon, gut or mixed stringls,  
evenly tensioned, and tuned to a scale and range you choose. 

SCALES – We can tune your harp to any scale and mode to accommodate themusic you want to play.

LEVERS - We can fit your harp with sharping levers of nickel, brass, black, or 
plated with gold, silver, or platinum.

ACOUSTICS - We can fit your harp with, and take full advantage of, an 
acoustic shaping devices sometimes referred to as 'Tornavoz rings'.

FINISHES - We prefer a natural shellac finish for several reasons but 
mainly, it just looks great and is very maintainable.

DECORATIONS - We use paints and stains, 23k gold leaf, inlays, 
carving, and pyrography to create whatever decoration you want. 

ACCESSORIES - We offer travel bags and hard cases, LED lighting, 
electronic tuners, pickups, stands, and wheels.  

We can do whatever it takes to deliver what  you want. Please, peruse our HARPS and GALLERY pages.   You may see something that inspires!